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戏剧挑战月 本奈特三部

The Habit of Art National Theatre Live 2019.7.29 五颗星! 故事讲的是一个正在排演一出关于作曲家Benjamin Britten和诗人W. H. Auden重聚讨论将要创作的新的歌剧《Death in Venice》的场景。这是一个戏中戏(排练)的设计,所以不仅有戏中戏的人物(Britten和Auden)的剧情故事,还有排练这出戏的各个演员、剧作家、工作人员们的戏码。 I want to hear about the shortcomings of great men, their fears and their failings. I’ve had enough of their vision, how they altered the landscape. We stand on their shoulders to survey our lives. Let’s talk about the vanity. […]