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西游韦安地 Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Accidental Death of an Anarchist


Theatre Royal Haymarket




这部话剧本来是Dario Fo和Franca Rame在1970年的作品,50年之后再上演,在台词上可以很直观地发现很多现代元素地融入,比如Line of Duty,Elon Musk,ChatGPT,BLM等等。在剧本的最后,还截取了一段Maniac的台词,说这些台词可以按照实际情况进行精简选择。然后再看剧情,不知道原作的主旨是什么,现在的这个版本讲的就是police abuse。在现场演出的结尾,还在用投影列出来多少年来有多少这样的police abuse的案件持续发生。我感觉这样的主旨是不是有点太明确的,这个故事这是这么简单吗?



A good translation does not reproduce the source material word for word, it captures the essence, not the detail. And in the case of the Russian Embassy, the essence of every press release or communique is always ‘The accusation is outrageous and anyway you did it first…’

Well the initial inquiry is over, yes, but that wasn’t inquisitive enough, so now there’s an inquiry into that. It’s the British wat, of course. Inquiries into inquiries into inquiries for as long as it takes for everyone involved to destroy the evidence and change careers. If God were British, there wouldn’t be a Judgement Day, there’d be an eternal fucking inquiry.

Troubling? Surely it’s reassuring! When this ship goes down, these rozzas are the ones making sure you first-class passengers get all the lifeboats. For it is not free markets, it’s not Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ that is safeguarding your way of life, it’s the very visible hand of the furious copper, hurtling towards the face of anyone who fancies something different.

Oh the actors change, of course, but the roles remain the same. I mean why do you think this case feels so eerily familiar? Why do you think an Italian train driver falling out of this window fifty-odd years ago still merits re-examination? Because it keeps bloody happening. Because these incidents are a bit too frequent to be ‘accidents. Because ‘a few bad apples’ may in fact be a sign of a bad tree. Because behind decades of ‘individual’ cases, from Stephen Lawrence to Chris Kaba, from spycops to Sarah Everard, there is a police force that cannot or will not reform; that employs, protects and even promotes racists, rapists, killers and bullies; that in the last ten years, of the eighteen hundred officers facing multiple misconduct charges, has fired just thirteen; and refuses to even admit that there’s a problem until it gets caught.

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